"Azure's music remains inherently melodic, interestingly eclectic and superbly executed"

- All About Jazz (USA)

“...it’s a definite “Yes” on the must-listens list for this summer”

- PuebloPulp.com (USA)

“creatively composed and superbly performed jazz funk with a steely edge”

- Musicweb-international.com (UK)

“An extraordinary and varied CD you don't get enough of”

- Peter J. Visser (NL)

“The funk of Herbie Hancock is never far away ... a bonafide trip to an era in which the symbiosis of jazz, funk, pop and hip hop was still the subject of wide experimentation”

- RifRaf (BE)

“... especially the tracks featuring trumpet player Rik Mol are flawless and extremely satisfying”


“first and foremost a pleasant record ... an album that's remarkably easy to listen to”

- Opus de Soul (NL)

Jazzism, nr. 3 2009

“Azure has guts and a very individual, mature sound. …from all the attention for quality of a timbre and detailed interplay, the group easily switches into overdrive” Mark Stroeks


Jazz Magazine, nr. 2 2009

“..a headstrong lot… it’s primarily the combination of melody and harmony that makes the group’s work interesting. Azure music is accessible, a bit dreamy and covers you like a warm blanket” Angelique van Os


Den Haag Centraal, may 2009

“Azure is a group keep your eyes on… From contemporary, romantic and melodious to full out rocking. It’s difficult to compare them to others and that’s a quality” Bert Jansma


AllAboutJazz, March 2009

“Both Balnchard and Schneemann are strong proponents of their instruments. They play with an active imagination opening several interesting doors…. The blen is juicy and delightful” Jerry D’Souza


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